Happy New Year

It is 2011. Oh look it is a binary day!  1/01/11  So everything I do must be binary.  Today my answers to questions will only be 1 or 0.  Hmmm this might be fun or annoying.  Look I did it 1 or 0.  Okay …yes I know. Just have a good year okay!

Well it is almost December!

I cannot believe how fast this year went by and maybe that is good.  This year has been really rough.  Deaths, sickness, unemployment, getting stabbed in the back (twice mind you) and too many more gray hairs.  I say lets just sleep through the next month….the month I hate the most anyway…and have a better year in 2011.   Who is up for the great one month snooze?? Anyone??

Planet Wheeler needs essentia now!

Oh…I am addicted to the online game Lacuna Expanse. I tried Evony and that was just futile.  Week one is protection for beginners …cool….week two rape and pillaged game over.  No point in playing Evony.  Ah..but Lacuna Expanse is much much more fun..its a space colony that you create and watch evolve until you can go out and colonize other planets and get this…you have the choice on whether or not you want to play as an isolationist which means …no one rapes and pillages you or you can play to conquer.  There is only one problem with this game and many like it, in order to get anywhere you need to buy boosters and in this game it is called essentia.  I need essentia…badly.

So donate to this dire cause, donate to the CMKT Empire.  Planet Wheeler needs your dollars to convert into essentia.  Feed the needy Wheelerians.  Help them create energy to power their farms, to clothe their children, to clean their water.  Only, $1.00 a day will help one hungry poverty ridden Wheelerian take care of their needs for a whole month.  If you donate now we will send you a picture of the Wheelerian family or orphaned child that your money is going to help.  Along with this we will send you a hand written note from your family (mind you it will be in the official empire language, Nohaire’, but hey its the thought that counts right?)  So why not donate today…the Universe needs you.

How fast they grow up!

Already to conquer the world one grade at a time!

Already to conquer the world one grade at a time!

Today is my little niece’s first day of pre-school.  It is hard to believe that time has flown this quick. I still remember holding her when she was just a baby as she pulled my glasses off my face and giggled.  Oh and don’t you know she is taking after her mom, she wanted school supplies for school.  Pretty soon she will be telling me and Michelle that all of our calculations are wrong and this is how you should do it.   Now I just need to get that collection together to send her to Cranbrook!

I am telling you TORNADO!!!!

Tornado Funnel Forming???

Tornado Funnel Forming???

Yes that is correct on Thursday August 19, 2010 at about 7:30 pm-ish I got to experience what it is like to be about a mile from where a tornado was touching down.  Let me tell you it was not a fun experience and no I was not hanging out the window trying to get pictures (okay I actually tried to get  some right before the storm hit)  because I could not without getting pelted with large hail and getting blown away.  I mean when it sounds like a jet is tearing through the apartment, the giant heavy sliding glass door throws itself open, and the roof sounds like it is being torn off right above you…the last thing you think about is running outside for a picture.  In fact I was huddled in the bathroom (only room I could get into without windows) with blankets over my head hoping that when I looked up I would still see a roof.

On a more humorous note…Sarah heard about the storms early on and decided to go and chase them..while she was out trying to find them…a tornado touched down about a half mile south of her house…that she was not home to see.

Wanted: Employer for Physicist

Employer must want someone who has masters in physics, bachelors in engineering, and about 15 years worth of teaching experience at all levels including college.  Employer must want someone who is driven to the point of working 70 hour plus work weeks.  Employer must be willing to let employee make models, crunch numbers, and create graphs.  Employer must also want someone who can be quite creative and is very good at giving presentations.   Employer must be willing to pay 50k to start but understand employee will be negotiable upward and downward.

Inquire within.