Like…you know…Can some one please tell me…..why???

Why do girls insist on talking like vapid idiots.

Lately, anywhere that I go in public where there may be teenage girls or young college women (girls) I have noticed that the bulk of them have to talk and act a certain way.  They all have this sing song snotty sound in their voice and every other word is something along the lines of like or totally.   They also either look perpetually like they are smelling something rotten or as if they had a lobotomy.

So you are probably saying to yourself that it is just the age difference between me and them and what difference does it make they will grow out of it.  Will they???????  And what difference does it make???  A huge difference.

Women have been fighting to be taken seriously for ages.  We want equal rights, equal pay, equal jobs….etc.  you get the point.  So if parents do not teach their daughters that it is not alright to act this way then how will we ever be equal to our male counterparts.  What kind of message does this send to the world about women????

Not all girls act this way so that is a relief but it seems like this is the mainstream idea of what a teen or young adult should act like.  Ladies….knock it off or be prepared for the consequences!  Stop acting like you don’t know what I am talking about either.

So if you have any idea why…why … why this is the case I would really like an answer so a remedy can be formulated quick,.