First day of work…part deux!

New school people…same topic…same crap no doubt.

I already figured out who my “projects” will be in the one class, lets see if they are sitting in the same seats for the second class.

No more Hobby Lobby for me.

There are only a couple reasons why I would boycott spending my money at any business and refuse to walk into the establishment and if you know me you know what some of those reasons are.  So I am going to go ahead and let you guess.  Do some research on the company and then I think you just might get it!


It is freaking hot out today.  I hate heat!!!!!!  I cannot wait for the high of  60 degree days and apple cider  and warm donuts!!!!!

The Function of a Library

Let us review some of the functions of a library shall we:

1.   To lend materials such as books and other media to tax paying patrons.

2.  To provide a space for community participation in educational and recreational programs.

3. To  provide a quiet enviroment to read books (see 1.) and study materials toward the pursuit of knowledge.

These are not functions of a library:

1. To receive phone calls and loudly have conversations with such caller.

2. To loudly conduct spirited meetings in “study rooms” .

3. To eat a three course meal.

4. To try and donate textbooks.

5. To look at racy and provactive media (i.e. porn)

6. To play tag in shelves 636.2 thru 364.

7. Pick up women or men.

..that is all.