Fall may begin..

I wore my first sweatshirt today..

I went to Ohio Linux this past weekend….

I had my first cold….

Starbucks is serving the pumpkin spice latte….

Halloween Shops are open in abandoned store fronts….

The leaves on the trees are turning colors….

I am giving my first exam…..

Now all I need is to go to the cider mill and fall will be in full swing.

Science does not equal religion….religion does not equal science!

So on November 19th if you happen to go to one of the lucky universities where free “special” editions of Darwin’s s Origin of Species will be given out free…do yourself a favor take a copy and tear the first 50 pages of crap written by Ray Comfort out.  You can use the newly torn out pages to I dunno make origami versions of Darwin’s Descent of Man.  Then move along with life happily.  For more info visit the pharyngula blog and watch the very smart Cristina take on this bullshit.

The Coldening

It starts as a few light sniffles, then the sneezes are triggered.  Next the grabbing of tissue after tissue after tissue.  Now the nose is running but also stuffed up.  The ears begin to get clogged and itchy.  Then the head becomes heavy and body temperature is not elivated enough to be concerned but enough to feel weird.   The throat begins to get raw and the lips become chapped and dry. Finally, the coldening is upon it’s victim and there is no escape it is time to go to bed and drink lots of liquid.

Ugh!!!!!  You guessed it … my annual fall cold is here  and no it is not swine flu!!

El Yawnoooo

Nothing like waking up at 7 am to find out “holy crap I finally have class” to run around and get ready, drive all the way there, and find that the class has been cancelled!!!  Yippee!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow wil prove differently.

Oakland University Professors on Strike

Yes indeed OU has had classes canceled until further notice which means my anticipated return to the world of studentville has been postponed.  I really don’t know much about the negotiations that are taking place other than what I hear on the news but I can say that if I were in their position I would most certainly be pissed off and strike too. There are many Prof.s at the University that I consider friends and mentors (one I suspect reads this website relatively from time to time) and I give them nothing but my full support.

However, saying that I also am a bit agitated.  Now I can forgive one day of class canceled for this important cause but if it goes on too long how does this effect the student.  Will I be refunded for the days of lecture that I miss due to this?  Something tells me “NO”.  Also, will I be forced to learn the material in a compacted fashion and receive less than stellar instruction due to this..I can only wonder.  In the long run this will hurt the students so I hope that the powers that be keep the students in mind as this continues.  I really don’t want to have to drop my class for the semester but it may become necessary.

Oh yeah and I am speaking as someone who has experience on both sides of the fence…as a Prof. and a student.  I wish both sides nothing but the best.

Okay Fine!!!!

Hey person who is my computer admin fix my problem!

I have been trying with no luck to upload a picture of the most wonderful thing to happen at the end of september.  As soon as someone fixes my issue I will.