Please look up the definition of Energy before you use it!

Energy is the ability for a force to do work.  Energy is not a physical object, it is not a state of mind and body it is a physics quantity to show the ability for an object to do work. Every time I hear some pseudoscience crank use the word energy my skin crawls.  I teach my students to insert the words “ability for a force to do work” every time they here the word energy and then to analyze what the person has said.  You know like this ” I see that your energy needs to be cleansed of the toxins”….  replace energy with the definition.  “I see that your ability for a force to do work needs to be cleansed of the toxins”.  Right and that makes sense plus the word toxin really gives you a clue that you are dealing with a nut case.  So what force needs to be cleansed???  Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong Nuclear Force, Weak Nuclear force???  And how do we do that????   No … don’t answer that because if the thoughts coming out of your head right now have the words touch, therapeutic,  or quantum in there you still have no clue the point of this post.  Go take a lot of physics classes become educated and then try again.