So long NASA…

I guess my dreams of working one day for NASA are going to be completely squished.  I don’t think our dear president understands how important it is for us to go back to the moon and I doubt he cares.  So …time for a career change…let’s see what can I do now.  Ummmm….under water basket weaving sounds good.  Maybe I will become an artist and sell pictures comprised of various paint swatches that I can steal from interior decorators.  (Hmm….might work!)

Dear Winter 2010 students,

I am sorry but I am not in at the moment if you would please leave your message with the automaton you see before you I will at some point get back with you.  Thank you…the management.

LOL Cats needs to go away.

I really really really hate LOL Cats.  It annoys the hell out of me.  I am not sure why but it just gets under my skin.  I swear the next blog I read that uses a damn LOL Cat image is getting the boot from my google reader!