Productivity Measurement

Productivity for me is measured by the mess currently found on my desk. I have several levels of productivity by the tiers of papers, books, post-its, pens, pencils, coffee mugs, food droppings, and yes even computers.  Let me give you a quick rundown of the levels of productivity starting from least productive (level 1) all the way up to productivity awesome (level 5).

Level 1:  Barely working on item…procrastination.   Desk Status:  Pad of paper and pen but otherwise clean.

Level 2:  Working on item slowly but not caring if it gets done.   Desk Status:  Pad of paper written on, 2 pens, coffee

Level 3:  Starting to get focused on work, still unsure I care if it gets done.  Desk Status:  See above + book on topic

Level 4:  Working on something understanding that it needs to get done.  Desk Status: See above + 3 more books some star charts, journal papers, a stapler, random item like hair clip

Level 5:  This is the holy shit I have to get it done phase.  Desk Status: Dr. Berger’s office.

For those of you who need clarification on the Dr. Berger’s office let me just put it this way deskageddon.  Dr. Berger was one of the professors at my undergraduate university (since moved on) who is brilliant in her field but her office was just a mess.  You could not walk into her office without stepping on papers or running into stacks of something.  It wasn’t just confined to a small area it was everywhere.  I think there might have been some lost grad students under stacks somewhere.  So when I say desk status: Dr. Berger’s office I mean you can’t see my desk and stuff is creeping onto the floor and making a path toward the door.  I do not achieve this level often.  It happened once when I wrote my masters thesis and a few times when I took finals.  Right now I believe I may be at level 3 but that may soon change.

Snow Storm = Cookies

Just made some chocolate chip cookies.  For some reason every time we get a huge snow storm I feel it is necessary to make cookies or cupcakes or cake etc.   Dunno why.