The Baker Weather Service is now official!!!

skywarnWell it is official.  Sarah and I have finally become Skywarn weather spotters.  We can now bug the NWS if we see hail the size of plain M&M’s or larger, funnel clouds, tornadoes, bad flooding,  wind gusts over 40 mph and weather related damage.  I also learned that I was reading the base reflectivity radar correctly (polite golf clap) and I learned how to read the base velocity radar now  I can really bug my friends and relatives whenever we get nasty thunderstorms.

South Park is Awesome!

If you have not seen the current episode of south park You have 0 friends…go watch it now…go watch it now now!!!  If ever there was a commentary about how I feel about facebook this is it.  I am Stan in this episode.  Quite seriously the writers nailed this one right on the head.  Plus the Tron part was an added bonus.  Now go watch it!

Star Trek TOS

LOL!!!!   I have been watching the original Star Trek series on you tube lately and I must say they are freaking hilarious.  What Star Trek TOS is missing in technology it makes up for in humor and I am sure some of it is not intended but because these episodes are over 40 years old they are so campy they are funny.   If you have the chance sit down and start watching them from season 1 episode 1.  LOL!!!!   BTW:  Star Trek TNG will always be my favorite and my favorite character will always be “Q”!!!!