Ugh…Come on!

In my relentless effort to try and keep my astronomy and physics skills honed I have decided to re-open an old project with some new ideas.  Of course, this means I must relearn how to use a lot of tools that over time I have forgotten.  One thing I haven’t forgotten and has thus been once again re-affirmed is how much astronomers do not understand how to program.  I really really wish there was a nice package for image reduction and analysis that did not latch on to IRAF like a mother suckling its young.  The giant frustration begins!

Saw something kinda strange

Sarah and I went to Royal Oak yesterday to putz around.  We had a wonderful lunch at Bastone Brewery.  Sarah had an awesome steak sandwich that had no bun or bread but in its place potato pancakes which was quite divine.  I had this awesome pasta with a goat cheese sauce and cranberries…sounds weird no???  It was so freaking good I couldn’t stop eating it.  Then we walked around and did some window shopping.  Finally, we got our yummy pastries at Astoria and then walked down to Bean and Leaf where I saw a most unusual item…Boxed Water?!?!?   You read correctly, boxed water.  So the whole idea is that instead of drinking out of a plastic bottle you get it in what looks like a carton that would be used for milk or juice.  Now here is what I am wondering how weird does it taste? I say this because the inside of that box has to be lined with a wax or something to keep the water from just drenching the box. I know that I never taste any liner material in the juice or milk I drink but I figure that might be because the flavor of milk or juice would mask the liner taste.  Water is suppose to be kinda tasteless so would you pick up the flavor of the liner?? Just wondering…