Go little girl GO!

Baby Update:

Samantha will be three weeks old tomorrow and she is finally off her ventilator and her medications.  She has only a feeding tube and oxygen in her right now.  The doctors project that if her progress continues she will be able to go home next Monday.  It has been a long few weeks full of lots of ups and downs…lets hope things continue on that up swing.

Little Baby Samantha….

My niece was born on 7-6-10.  Unfortunately, she was born to the world with complications and had to be rushed to Children’s Hospital late that evening when she started having seizures.  The poor little dear is on a ventilator because her little lungs are rigid and are not able to give her enough oxygen for her body.  Over the last couple days she has made some progress but she still has a lot of progress to make before she can go home.  Please think of my brother, sister-in-law, and lil’ Samantha during this time…they need your hope and well wishes.  I will update as time goes on…and I will show you a picture soon.