I am telling you TORNADO!!!!

Tornado Funnel Forming???

Tornado Funnel Forming???

Yes that is correct on Thursday August 19, 2010 at about 7:30 pm-ish I got to experience what it is like to be about a mile from where a tornado was touching down.  Let me tell you it was not a fun experience and no I was not hanging out the window trying to get pictures (okay I actually tried to get  some right before the storm hit)  because I could not without getting pelted with large hail and getting blown away.  I mean when it sounds like a jet is tearing through the apartment, the giant heavy sliding glass door throws itself open, and the roof sounds like it is being torn off right above you…the last thing you think about is running outside for a picture.  In fact I was huddled in the bathroom (only room I could get into without windows) with blankets over my head hoping that when I looked up I would still see a roof.

On a more humorous note…Sarah heard about the storms early on and decided to go and chase them..while she was out trying to find them…a tornado touched down about a half mile south of her house…that she was not home to see.

Wanted: Employer for Physicist

Employer must want someone who has masters in physics, bachelors in engineering, and about 15 years worth of teaching experience at all levels including college.  Employer must want someone who is driven to the point of working 70 hour plus work weeks.  Employer must be willing to let employee make models, crunch numbers, and create graphs.  Employer must also want someone who can be quite creative and is very good at giving presentations.   Employer must be willing to pay 50k to start but understand employee will be negotiable upward and downward.

Inquire within.

Finally home!!

Samantha is home and is getting stronger.  I finally can show the world my beautiful niece without a million tubes hanging off of her.  Just so you all know she looks a lot like my brother when he was small…but not with so much hair.Samantha Christine Baker