Well it is almost December!

I cannot believe how fast this year went by and maybe that is good.  This year has been really rough.  Deaths, sickness, unemployment, getting stabbed in the back (twice mind you) and too many more gray hairs.  I say lets just sleep through the next month….the month I hate the most anyway…and have a better year in 2011.   Who is up for the great one month snooze?? Anyone??

Planet Wheeler needs essentia now!

Oh…I am addicted to the online game Lacuna Expanse. I tried Evony and that was just futile.  Week one is protection for beginners …cool….week two rape and pillaged game over.  No point in playing Evony.  Ah..but Lacuna Expanse is much much more fun..its a space colony that you create and watch evolve until you can go out and colonize other planets and get this…you have the choice on whether or not you want to play as an isolationist which means …no one rapes and pillages you or you can play to conquer.  There is only one problem with this game and many like it, in order to get anywhere you need to buy boosters and in this game it is called essentia.  I need essentia…badly.

So donate to this dire cause, donate to the CMKT Empire.  Planet Wheeler needs your dollars to convert into essentia.  Feed the needy Wheelerians.  Help them create energy to power their farms, to clothe their children, to clean their water.  Only, $1.00 a day will help one hungry poverty ridden Wheelerian take care of their needs for a whole month.  If you donate now we will send you a picture of the Wheelerian family or orphaned child that your money is going to help.  Along with this we will send you a hand written note from your family (mind you it will be in the official empire language, Nohaire’, but hey its the thought that counts right?)  So why not donate today…the Universe needs you.