The Perseid Meteor Shower or … How I Hate Living In The City!

Its that time again!  Every year August 12/13 the Earth moves through the debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle and hence we have the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Every year I attempt to see them and every year it seems that I am mostly thwarted.  What gets in the way you ask…oh I dunno…let’s see:   1) Michigan (need I say more about the clouds) 2) Trees   3) Light Pollution ….and this year  4) THE FREAKING MOON!


Now most of these would be solved if I didn’t live in a city.  You see people don’t understand that light pollution makes it very hard to see the stars of the night sky let alone a freaking meteor.  So yes person next door with your blaring, glaring, giant search light of a porch light please keep it on (not)!  Of course I cannot cut down all the trees and this would be a problem out of the city as well…but I could find a clearing without light in my eyes somewhere.  So all of those things I listed suck and are not in my control but this year its even better there is a full moon.  So this year the chances of seeing anything at all are remote to zero.



So if you are like me and want to see the Perseid’s but live in the city you can listen to them.  Just go on over to spaceweatherradio and you can at least hear the buggers hitting the atmosphere and burning up!

So til next year…