I need a chainsaw!

Last night I took Bell out for some observation time. I aligned the telescope to Vega, Deneb,and Alpheka. You might be asking why Alpheka and not something like Altair or Arcturus? Well its because I have lots of leaves from trees in the way and that was the best I could do last night. After alignment I used my 25 mm lens to do my variable star observation of Chi Cyg.

I submitted a magnitude of 7.8 but since the neighbors behind us decided to keep their porch light on and pollute my sky with unnecessary glow, I am pretty sure that the magnitude I submitted has an error of probably plus or minus 0.3. I wanted to observe a few more variables I had picked out but the damn trees are in the way so it was either wait until late or get a chainsaw and start chopping. I do not own a chainsaw (something I am thinking of remedying) and staying out really late was not in my plan for the night.

I also messed around with some of the filters I have. Actually, I did a lot of just scanning the sky and just looking. I had no real plan other than the variable star stuff so I just messed around with the sky tour button on the telescope and noticed that everything is behind those damn trees!!! You know I am all about nature and how wonderful trees are but the one in my neighbors yard that drops apples on my driveway and obstructs my view we might need to have a little chat with a chainsaw…grrrr. I also noticed that I really need a granny chain for my glasses since I have to keep taking them off and have no where to put them. Oh yeah and Perseid Meteor Shower time!!!! I think the peak is around August 12th.