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Woah…Long time no post!

Yes the snow is gone and so is about 2 months apparently!  I have been keeping busy at work and school and watching the Doctor.  Who the hell is River Song????  Might find out real soon!!  Anyway, I never have anything worth blogging because I never remember the things that come up to blog about.  I will say this…you will never ever ever ever find me on Facebook. I do not like it…I do not care for it.  I figure if I want to friend someone then they already know they are my friend and they don’t need me to write on their wall to know it.  Ah..well happy spring everyone.

One Response to “Woah…Long time no post!”

  1. ruthie says:

    i feel the exact same way. you don’t see me wasting time on FB pretending to be a farmer. I know who my friends are. If I wanted to be a friends with all the d-bags from highschool, i would have kept in touch instead of moving 800 miles away. 🙂 but i know that YOUR my friend. i had lunch with coworkers yesterday at Fridays–and i totally had a girlz in the hall thursday night dinner flashback–and it was nice to remember our crazy college exploits.