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Ummm………..Yeah I still exist

I have been busy lately sorry.  I really want to start posting astronomical content on this site but for some reason even though Astronomy is what I do I cannot think of a thing to write about.  That is funny since the Universe is gigantic beyond our dreams and there is so much that can be discussed.  I just cannot think of anything to write about. Perhaps it is that writing is not my forte (true) and that I am not as creative as I think (probably not so true).   Well we shall see….stay tuned.

One Response to “Ummm………..Yeah I still exist”

  1. Laura says:

    JoD I been trying to find you. I miss you and am worried about you. It looks like there is no one at your dad’s house. Is everything ok with him? I lost both your phones #’s and tried looking you and Craig up any way I could think of on the internet until it finally occurred to me to try your Saganfan website. Please call me!! I have been through so much since we last spoke…surgeries after surgeries…but we can now go out to lunch to catch up!!! 586-307-2483. Call me!!! and hope all is going ok. Love & miss ya!