Fall? It’s almost winter..

I have been neglecting my site.  I wanted to turn it into an astronomy information site but I have been so busy with other things that poof..it hasn’t happened.  I want to know how all the author’s of the science/skeptic blogs I read have time to post as much as they do.  I am talking about individuals with jobs other than journalism. For instance, PZ Myers blog is constantly being updated. Not to mention the amount he tweets plus being a professor???? What is the secret???  Wait I know it’s ancient alien technology right???  That must be it or maybe all the super awesome bloggers that I read are actually all aliens from the planet Blogetta.  The only way they survive is if they blog and if they do not blog they die.  So it is true there are aliens on Earth…they are here..blogging.

The Perseid Meteor Shower or … How I Hate Living In The City!

Its that time again!  Every year August 12/13 the Earth moves through the debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle and hence we have the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Every year I attempt to see them and every year it seems that I am mostly thwarted.  What gets in the way you ask…oh I dunno…let’s see:   1) Michigan (need I say more about the clouds) 2) Trees   3) Light Pollution ….and this year  4) THE FREAKING MOON!


Now most of these would be solved if I didn’t live in a city.  You see people don’t understand that light pollution makes it very hard to see the stars of the night sky let alone a freaking meteor.  So yes person next door with your blaring, glaring, giant search light of a porch light please keep it on (not)!  Of course I cannot cut down all the trees and this would be a problem out of the city as well…but I could find a clearing without light in my eyes somewhere.  So all of those things I listed suck and are not in my control but this year its even better there is a full moon.  So this year the chances of seeing anything at all are remote to zero.



So if you are like me and want to see the Perseid’s but live in the city you can listen to them.  Just go on over to spaceweatherradio and you can at least hear the buggers hitting the atmosphere and burning up!

So til next year…


Ummm………..Yeah I still exist

I have been busy lately sorry.  I really want to start posting astronomical content on this site but for some reason even though Astronomy is what I do I cannot think of a thing to write about.  That is funny since the Universe is gigantic beyond our dreams and there is so much that can be discussed.  I just cannot think of anything to write about. Perhaps it is that writing is not my forte (true) and that I am not as creative as I think (probably not so true).   Well we shall see….stay tuned.

Why is it I discover everything a day late and a dollar short?

Back at the beginning of the year I discovered an awesome astronomy site that would have been great to point to my students had I been teaching this semester.  Now something tells me a number of my past students may have figured out that this website belongs to me so I will go ahead and pass on my valuable find.

In an attempt to get more people reading actual journal papers it is nice to know that a number of students from a number of universities have taken recent astronomical papers and have summarized/re-written them in a way that makes the casual reader able to understand the science behind any of these papers.  So if you love astronomy I suggest you put  astrobites in your daily feed and behold the awesomeness that it is at the start of each day!

Woah…Long time no post!

Yes the snow is gone and so is about 2 months apparently!  I have been keeping busy at work and school and watching the Doctor.  Who the hell is River Song????  Might find out real soon!!  Anyway, I never have anything worth blogging because I never remember the things that come up to blog about.  I will say this…you will never ever ever ever find me on Facebook. I do not like it…I do not care for it.  I figure if I want to friend someone then they already know they are my friend and they don’t need me to write on their wall to know it.  Ah..well happy spring everyone.

Still Snowing…

Not sure how much snow we got last night but it was a lot less than they said…I think we got about 8 inches maybe….unfortunately the snow has not turned off yet…so I am sure that will be higher.  When we went out to shovel this morning there was no way to tell where the sidewalk was because it was all very level to the lawn and everything else…so I guess we got a bit of snow.

Big Buckets of Snow

Blizzard warning…haven’t seen one of those for a long time.  Guess what it is happening now!  Could get as much as 15 inches of snow by the time it is over.  I really hope that number is much much lower!!!!!  To be cont….